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Experienced & Reliable Enterprise Software, Data & Integration Architect/Engineer

BootcampGIS Instructor Certified FME Professional Certified FME Flow Professional


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Areas of Expertise

Professional Certifications

Technical Summary


  • Python
  • Rust
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • Shellscripts
  • C
  • Objective-C
  • Speedware/4GL
  • Natural/2

Web & Mobile

  • Django (Python)
  • Pelican (Python)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5
  • websockets
  • FME Flow
  • FME Data Express
  • FME AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Tableau
  • Bulma
  • OpenLayers


  • OpenAI
  • ArcGIS
  • Google Maps
  • Tableau
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks Online
  • ChainXY
  • SafeGraph
  • FourSquare
  • NameAPI
  • SmartyStreets
  • Toggl


  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • ElasticSearch
  • Informix


  • JSON
  • XML/li>
  • REST services
  • REST clients
  • SSL
  • OAuth
  • LDAP
  • ActiveDirectory
  • FME Form
  • FME Flow
  • FME Flow Hosted


  • Jupyter
  • numpy/scipy/pandas/matplotlib
  • scikit-learn
  • PyCharm
  • RubyMine
  • DataGrip
  • FME Form
  • AutoCAD
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Navicat
  • ActiveBatch
  • git/github/gitlab
  • Docker
  • JIRA/Confluence


  • AWS S3
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Cert Manager
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

GIS & Spatial

  • PostGIS
  • FME
  • AutoCAD
  • LiDAR & Point Clouds
  • ArcSDE
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Online
  • GeoServer
  • Voyager Search
  • ElasticSearch
  • GEOS


Current Employment

Brewer Digital (consulting to multiple industries) Denver, CO (mostly remote), 01/2023-Present — Senior Software and Data Architect with multiple roles, including:

Projects (2006 - Present)

Brewer Digital (software), Denver, CO (remote) Senior Software and Data Architect — Implemented AWS Lambda functioon with API Gateway to generate content using OpenAI API and GPT-4 model.

An electrical engineering consultancy (engineering), Lakewood, CO (remote) — Conducted deep Python static analysis, code review and coaching. Designed spatial generative AI solution architecture.

An Accountable Care Organization (healthcare), Chicago, IL (remote) 08/2023-Present — Consulted regarding technology upgrades (Python, MySQL), best practices, configured batch environments, and built related tooling.

A medical news publishing company (healthcare publishing and marketing), Overland Park, KS (remote) 06/2023 — Diagnosed and resolved database performance issue of recurring batch script, resulting in 8.5 times faster processing; recommended additional architectural and performance optimizations. Design content generation LLM architecture.

A human resources services company (finance) Shrewsbury, NJ (remote), 06/2023 — Analyzed and developed automated integration architecture for periodic business-to-business ingestion of retirement account transaction and participant data into Relius database.

A trucking services company (trucking and logistics) Lancaster, PA (remote), 04/2023-05/2023 — Developed modernized web/cloud-based architecture for legacy COBOL application including these advanced features:

A commercial real estate company (commercial real estate) Denver, CO (remote), 01/2023-04/2023 — Developed successful web application architecture including these advanced features:

Lipsitt Group (private clubs/hospitality services) Parker, CO (mostly remote), 07/2006-Present — Developed and currently upgrading a multi-tenant web-based reservation application and integrations for private clubs using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and a PostgreSQL database, all hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Migrated legacy application to KVM/Qemu VM and deployed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure when AWS environment EOL (End-Of-Life) reached.

Whiteout Solutions (LiDAR geospatial services) St Johnsbury, VT (remote), 11/2022 — Built FME solution to convert LiDAR data of overgrown foliage in rights-of-way to FME AR (Augmented Reality) model for use in the field.

CHR Solutions (Telecommunications Services) Houston, TX (remote), 07/2021-09-2021, 10/2022-Present – Built an FME and Python solution to automatically update SQL object links in whole directories of AutoCAD drawing files to reflect new database key values. CSV replacement and exception reports generated.

Mantis Innovation (commercial building and roof maintenance) Greenwood Village, CO (mostly remote), 05/2019-03/2022 – Implemented automated GIS/AutoCAD conversion system using FME, FME Flow, FME Flow Hosted, and AWS.

SM Energy (oil & gas operator) Denver, CO (mostly remote), 01/2014-10/2015 – Built GIS self-serve data mart solution using FME, Python, and SQL Server with ArcSDE®.

Equifax (financial information services) Denver, CO (mostly remote), 07/2018-10/2021 – Lead a team developing feature and security enhancements on a comprehensive identity theft protection services system (which I and my team originally built for an Equifax-acquired company) using Ruby on Rails, React, Docker, Microservices, custom APIs, and several third-party APIs.  Applications and processes included:

KBC Advisors (commercial real estate) Seattle, WA (remote), 08/2020-07/2021 – Built Parcel Data System using FME Flow Hosted, Python and PostGIS. ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online consulting and high-availability deployment. Built FME/Python-based enterprise integration hub starting with AWS and Salesforce.

Howard County Abstract & Title (title insurance) Big Spring, TX (remote), 04/2020-05/2020 — Designed and implemented solution to:

CBRE (commercial real estate) Raleigh-Durham, NC (remote), 05/2019-01/2020 – Geospatial Enterprise Architect consultant with various duties.

Clear Creek Royalty (mineral rights portfolio) Centennial, CO (mostly remote), 05/2019-09/2019 – Reusable extraction of mineral leasing and ownership data from third-party APIs using FME and Python.

Patriot Reserves (mineral rights portfolio) Denver, CO (mostly remote), 04/2018-08/2019 – Reusable extraction of mineral leasing and ownership data from third-party APIs using FME and Python.

GeoLens, LLC (residential real estate) Broomfield, CO (mostly remote), 01/2019-05/2019 – Reusable CAD-to-GIS conversion tool implementation and enhancement using FME.

WhiteStar Corporation (geospatial data provider) Lakewood, CO (partially remote), 06/2006-05/2018 – Designed & built several self-service geospatial solutions using Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C, FME Flow, PostGIS, and SQL Server with ArcSDE®, both directly and as a team manager and architect.

Identity Rehab Corporation (identity theft protection startup) Denver, CO (partially remote), 07/2007-12/2010 – Designed and managed team to build identity theft protection and management system of applications using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.  Applications and processes included:

Previous Employment

XRAD (digital radiography processor) Colorado Springs, CO (partially remote), 02/2003-07/2006 – CTO.

BEA (Enterprise Integration Vendor) Denver, CO, 05/1999-06/2002 – J2EE Program Architect, Solutions Architect, Research & Development.

NewTHINK (Software Consultancy) Denver, CO, 12/1998-05/1999 – J2EE and Oracle Software Engineer.

PC Service Source (computer parts sourcing) Dallas, TX, 07/1996-11/1998 – Java GUI, 4GL Web Application, Cold Fusion Web Application, Visual Basic Systems Analyst, Software Engineer.

Lodestar Systems/Private Networks (web applications pioneer) Dallas, TX, 04/1995-07/1996 – C, C++, Perl Web Application Software Engineer.

Marken Software (accounting software) Dallas, TX, 01/1994-05/1995 – COBOL Application Software Engineer.

Tango Transport (trucking) Hall Summit, LA, 06/1992-08/1992 – DBase III Truck Dispatching Application, RPG II (IBM System/36) Fuel Certification Application Software Engineer.

Jiffy Lube (vehicle oil services) Houston, TX, 06/1991-08/1991 – COBOL, Natural/2 (4GL) (IBM mainframe) Fleet Billing Conversion Software Engineer.


Texas A&M University College Station, TX, 12/1993 – BS, Computer Science + Business Analysis.