Graph Algorithms

I'm building a collection of custom spatial graph algorithm implementations in Python and Rust, which can be found here.

Screenshot of graph algorithms repository

Python Cheat Sheets

I've assembled a small collection of cheat sheets for Python developers, including:

  • Modern Python Best Practices here; and
  • Python Modules and Packages FAQ here.

You can find the whole repository here.

Screenshot of Modern Python best practices

Easy/Pretty Web Application Forms with BulmaFormRails Gem

With this Rubygem, you can easily and quickly create attractive forms and related pages for your Rails application. The generated ERb templates are customizable if you want them to sport your own unique look and feel. You can find the gem here, or you can install it from your shell with this command: gem install bulma_form_rails. Full documentation, including installation and configuration instructions, can be found here.

Screenshot of Bulma form example

FME custom transformers

These include the complete mgsTest automated testing suite, as well as a handful of unrelated transformers you can use within your FME workspaces and custom transformers. They can be found on the FME Hub here. The source code and any issue tracking can be found here.

Screenshot of custom transformers on FME Hub

Docker configuration for FME Desktop in UNIX-like environments

With these you can run different versions of FME Desktop from Docker containers. This is useful when you need to:

  • run multiple versions of FME Desktop in isolated environments;
  • run FME Desktop under an unsupported operating system version (.e.g. FME 2022 under Ubuntu 22.04 LTS) or distribution.

You can find the source, including Dockerfiles and docker-compose.yml files here. The built images are available from Docker Hub here.

Screenshot of FME Desktop Docker container